Event Recap: Behind the Scenes with Gail Perry-Mason

Earlier this week, we hosted Behind the Scenes: A Candid Conversation with Gail Perry-Mason and IT. WAS. AMAZING.  If you’re not familiar, this speaker series brings in a dynamic, accomplished executive for a candid conversation detailing their path to success, sprinkled with pearls of wisdom that we as young professionals can learn from.  We also include plenty of time for networking and a Q&A session, so that attendees can fully experience the benefits of the evening.  Past speakers include Dan Gilbert, Mayor Mike Duggan, and Governor Rick Snyder, to name a few.  Joining this all-star line-up, Ms. Perry-Mason’s fairytale rise to executive leadership, national best-selling author, and community servant, drew a sold out crowd- every chair in the room was filled to hear her story!

Beginning the evening, young professionals noshed on exotic crudités and hors d'oeuvres catered by Modest Mouth Catering, while chatting away and getting to know their fellow young professionals.  We’ll be honest- the conversations and networking were slow to start, but at the behest of our featured speaker, real relationships and connections began to organically develop.  Not surprisingly, Ms. Perry-Mason attributes a large portion of her initial and continued success to relationship building.  This notion carried throughout the night from her initial introductions and icebreaker with the crowd throughout her engaging speech when she turned the tables and asked us a few questions. 

In detailing her rise from foster care to a young, single mother, to Receptionist to First Vice President of Investments for Wall Street investment firm, Oppenheimer Co., Ms. Perry Mason was nothing short of candid and open with us.  With such a remarkable story, every ear in the room listened intently for her secrets to success.  Aside from building meaningful relationships, it was clear that hard work and tenacity were vital components of her winning story.  Ms. Perry-Mason shared countless pearls of wisdom with us, especially in regards to our generation’s struggle to save money and build wealth- most of which can be found in her national best-selling book, Girl, Make Your Money Grow.

Another secret to her success- giving back to her community! She shared with us that she hasn’t had a summer vacation in 18 years because she devotes a week to her Money Matters for Youth camp.  She firmly believes in instilling financial awareness in at an early age- just ask her 3 sons, all of whom she regularly purchased stocks for as children.  She closed with a few more pearls of wisdom and encouraged each and every attendee to continue networking to build meaningful relationships, as well as deepen their ties to the community and, of course, DYP has you covered!

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