Want More? Risk More!

We all have that daily routine that makes you feel. . .comfortable. Your comfort zone gives you a sense of security, maybe accomplishment because you checked everything off of your mental list for the day. You wake up; get ready for work, get your cup of morning motivation (coffee!) and so on. This is your daily routine that you have throughout the week. You most likely have one at work and on the weekends too and you probably don’t even know it! You’re going through the motions. Let’s change that a little bit.

Make an effort to do something different and exciting this weekend like a random road trip with friends with no set destination or take that risk at work for that project that you’ve wanted to pitch to your boss. Psychologically speaking, the benefits of venturing out of what makes you comfortable can be pretty amazing. Pushing yourself past those boundaries may help you be more productive and successful. What is one thing that all successful people have in common? They take risks.

Do you want that new position that opened up at work? Do something that the specific role is responsible for and show your boss you’re capable to handle it. What about that house you’ve wanted to own but you’re too afraid to even check your credit score? Don’t be. You might be surprised at what you can get approved for. Taking small risks could help push you forward.

Do you feel stuck in your day-to-day routine? Join a club/organization or workout program to help change up your everyday life. It can be a little scary walking into something with new people, a new schedule, but having that little bit of anxiety can actually be very good for you.

There are many benefits to doing even small things to push you past that zone that you normally wouldn’t do like:

  • Make you more apt to push yourself out of your comfort zone AGAIN
  • Create new goals
  • Inspire yourself and others

Although taking that chance might take you days or months, taking those small steps to experience new and exciting things can benefit you greatly. What will you do differently today or next week that will take you out of your comfort zone?