Detroit Design Co.

Courtney and Jeff of  Detroit Design Co.

Courtney and Jeff of Detroit Design Co.

Upon walking into Courtney and Jeff’s studio in St. Claire Shores, I felt like I teleported to a beautiful, calming conservatory. Filled with cacti, lush palms and plants and of course their gorgeous golden retriever, you can’t help but be in awe of their knack for interior design and all beautiful living things put simply. As Co-Founder Courtney said, they like to “rely on blooms and greenery to tell an architectural story and let flowers do their own thing.’

It’s no surprise that Courtney has impeccable taste and can name any flower and where it’s from. She got her start in the world of floral working at a florist shop in high school and during college. After working at a different local floral and event design company for a couple of years, she took the leap and branched out on her own, and brought on her brother as he also has an impeccable creative eye. Growing up, their parents urged them to exercise their creative muscle and follow what truly inspired them. And now, years later, it certainly shows.

From weddings to holiday parties to decorating corporate lobbies downtown to adorning office building’s exteriors year round, there really isn’t an area or industry they have not tapped into. It’s their take on being business-owners, relationship builders and true entrepreneurs that set them apart. They’re fearless and know what it takes. “Offer something that isn’t already out there. Don’t be a copy cat. Be original. Ideally, clients will quickly recognize the difference between us and any other florist,” as Jeff put it.

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Read on for a Q & A with this dynamic duo.

What unique challenges do you face as a millennial entrepreneur? 

C: “Financial aspects – taxes, profit margins. I really have to learn as I go.”

What is one unique thing every entrepreneur must possess? 

C: “Own it. Just keep going and be confident in your skill set. It may sound cheesy, but I say to myself, ‘you’re a woman; you can do anything.” You want to start out small and then grow at a good pace.”

Why is Detroit a good market for your business? 

C: “Amazing venues! Also, no one was doing what we wanted to do.”

J: “There wasn’t a ton of competition over here on the East Side. We’re not as traditional as other florists in the area.”

What's the biggest challenge you've faced starting or growing your business; how did you overcome that? 

J: “Not having enough hours in the day. A lot of it falls on her because I still work a part-time corporate job.”

What would you tell someone just starting their business in Detroit?

C: “Just do it. Go for it. You need to know what you’re doing but if you have even a minute amount of talent, I think that you can make it.”

J: “I would say the same thing about having talent. Everything can sound so cliché…but I would say fake it until you make it.”

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