4 Options for Community Service in Detroit this Summer

As Detroit gradually progresses in revitalization and regrowth, new companies and professionals are relocating to Detroit, vacant buildings are being purchased and restored, and neighborhoods are being cleaned up. Although a lot can be attributed to professionals leading the improvements that have Detroit on track to come back, volunteers play a major role in it as well.

In the midst of all the projects and changes taking place in Detroit, there’s so much opportunity for professionals to take the time to give back and lend a helping hand. From feeding the homeless and mentoring teens to cleaning parks and restoring buildings, the options are endless and the city needs you.

Photo credit: summer in the city DETROIT

Photo credit: summer in the city DETROIT

Here are some of the community service projects that need volunteers this summer in the Motorcity:

1.     Osborn neighborhood makeover: In an effort to restore Detroit Public School, Osborn High School, and it’s surrounding area, non-profit, Life Remodeled, is looking for volunteers. This August they will need help remodel the inside of the school and homes within close proximity to bring a new look and hope to the community.

2.     Friends of Detroit Rowing Restoration: Get your hands dirty over on Belle Isle to revive the historic Detroit Boat Club building. At 113, the building needs work that requires volunteers who are willing to get this venue back in shape to host events such as weddings and parties.

 3.     Summer in the City 2015: Murals, urban gardens and youth all encompass the wonderful volunteer experience that is known as the Summer in the City 2015. Until August 14, they offer flexible community service assignments to address the community needs of Detroit in partnership with other organizations in the city.

 4.     Jewish Senior Life: Dedicate your time to  helping with elderly Jewish people who have faced neglect, abuse and exploitation at Michigan’s first elderly emergency shelter. Located in Oakland County, the Center for Elder Abuse Prevention allows victims anonymity and helps them recover, rest and recuperate with services and temporary housing.

It's Summer, so the days are longer, which means you have more time for volunteer opportunities, right? Great, because there's an abundance of opportunities to give back and make a difference in Detroit. You can even start with DYP by registering for our next Service in the City community service outing, just stay connected for details on our next event.